This page is a retrospective of my performances through the years.  There are some longer works included, but most are short, in consideration of the listener’s time.  These samples are all recorded live, in various locations, are complete works or movements, and are unedited.  In the solo section, some less familiar works are purposely included, e.g.. four works by women composers.  In addition to concert performances, there are excerpts from radio broadcasts and videos from the 1980s.   The Discography page also includes audio samples.  Because there are hours of material here, and will be additions from time to time, I hope you return to visit and explore this music at your leisure. It is my great pleasure to present it to you here.

Solo Performances Including Broadcasts


With Pamela Guidetti, flutist – 20 year collaboration
With VT Contemporary Music Ensemble - 1987 – 2007
With Jill Hallett Levis, soprano
With Transcontinental Piano Duo

Please contact me here for concerts, program information, and bookings. With a vast and varied repertoire, I offer an array of programs, both solo and collaborative, and can design one to suit the needs of your organization.